I have been meaning to write this post for quiet some time now. Many have listened to me talk about it. It truly means so much to me, so I am taking the time while I have it today to get it out.

With the new technology we have at our finger tips, I believe we have forgotten how important it is to print our images. Whether it be a quick snap shot from our phone or an investment placed with a professional photographer. I truly believe it is important to hold that memory between our finger tips. I speak to my clients daily about the value of a print. What will you have to show your kids when they’re your age, now?

Think about it…

How much trust have you placed in technology? Starring at a computer screen vs. an actual print in your hand that can be passed down from generation to generation. Which do you trust? Yes, I do believe having digitals is important as a back up so you can make copies and add to your walls. But, do you?

I have a box in my garage of images of when my children were babies. Not just from a professional photographer but from my point and shoot of the days, the disposable cameras we all once held in our hands before the “phone” took over. The days where I held the film camera in my hand which also started my journey as a professional and still sits in my closet. It is the same camera that I find in old photos of my parents with me as a baby. My point in telling you this is that this generation and generations to come don’t have the advantage of pulling out an old box out from the garage or using the old camera their parents once used. I can always go to that box in my garage or stare at the images on my walls but I do quickly forget about the images that were lost on a hard drive or are even sitting on my computer now.

So I hope this post inspires you, alerts you and encourages you to print your images. Print your memories. We take pictures not because we don’t want to forget but because they were important enough to snap it, capture it and document it. Dont always put your trust in a computer that can fail tomorrow but in the print that you can hold in your hand and share with your children as they grow and become parents themselves.


And of course I can’t post this without sharing an adorable newborn baby with you. 🙂

Wilmington, NC newborn photographer