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A Brother to Love | Wilmington Newborn Baby Photographer

Loved working with this sweet family. So much love and happiness filled our studio. Just look at those smiles, especially on this little guys big brother. It brings me so much joy! Thank you so much for trusting me with your most important memories

Choosing Your Photographer

Professional Photography. Adorable Results.

Casual photos and smartphone snapshots are fine for quick, spontaneous images. But there is simply no substitute for professional, fine art photographs of this extraordinary time in your life.

Real Life. Real Moments. Loved For A Lifetime.

More than just snapshots, professional photography is the art of creatively portraying the intimacy shared by you and your baby, along with all the adorable details. Skill, experience, and artistry create images that become beautiful art for your home and nursery — and your most treasured memories of these amazing moments.

Dedication To Perfection.

I put my experience and skill as both photographer and artist to work for you to create stunning, beautifully composed and artistically edited images. I have dedicated years to perfecting my craft, and hundreds of hours photographing newborns. I’m excited to put that experience to work for you to create timeless images you will be thrilled to surround yourself with, and proud to share with family and friends.


Find your inspiration in my portfolio at

Wilmington NC baby photographer

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Little Boy Blue | Hampstead Newborn Photographer

Isn’t he adorable! Little man here did so good during his newborn session with me. I love his details photos in black and white. They are so important to include in your session. Those little details of remembering how tiny they were and how they fit in your hands. Their little fingers wrapping around your one

What To Expect During Your Newborn Session With Me?

Before Your Session

Each of my newborn sessions is started with having you fill out a questionnaire, having you choose the colors you would like me to use and if you’re wanting to add parent poses as well.  A pre-session reminder is set making sure all the details are set so Moms don’t have to worry about things left behind due to lack of sleep. For example, how to try and keep baby awake, and when to feed, I even remind you to check nail polish for those detail shots I love to get.

During Your Session

My sessions have a relaxed, unhurried pace to keep baby calm, happy, and safe. Your baby sets the pace with plenty of time for quieting, soothing, diaper changes, feeding, and cuddling. I like to shoot siblings and parent poses first so that we can concentrate on baby images for the rest of the shoot. The studio will be very warm to keep baby comfortable, so dressing in layers is a good idea.

After Your Session

One week after your session, it’s time for your big reveal! We’ll schedule a personal ordering session where we can review the beautiful images from your session and choose images for prints, albums, birth announcements, and all the other wonderful photo products available for decorating and sharing.


Newborn Sessions are typically 2 hours, so plan to make a morning of it.

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Lots of Love to go Around | Wilmington Newborn Photography

Lots of brothers and a sister for this sweet baby girl. They had no objection cuddling her during her newborn session with me. I loved how much love they showed her. They were proud to be there for her and excited for her arrival

Studio Session. Dream Baby.

Your happy, sleepy baby is the star of this session. While your baby dreams, I create perfectly composed, cuddly works of art in my Wilmington newborn baby studio. The creative options are nearly endless with a wide range of props — sumptuous blankets, knitted throws, adorable little caps and headbands, and one cuddly, slumbering baby. Mom, Dad, siblings, and even pets can also be accommodated.


It’s best to schedule your session within 2-3 months of your due date. Once your new baby arrives, we’ll firm up your session date. Newborn sessions are recommended to take place within the first 14 days of arrival.

Newborn baby photography Wilmington Newborn baby photography Wilmington Newborn baby photography Wilmington Newborn baby photography Wilmington

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All the Tiny Details | Wilmington Newborn Photographer

Putty in my hands. I love how well she slept and I love all her poses and the detail shots are always my favorite. Little Miss here came in for her newborn session with me very sleepy and didn’t mind all the posing.

What actually happens during a newborn session?

Whether you’re thinking about booking a newborn session or already have a date on the books, I’m sure you’re a bit curious about what, exactly, goes on during a newborn session. How do you get those peaceful looking images? How involved are the parents for the shoot itself? Is it actually possible to “pose” an infant? Below I am pulling back the curtain about what actually happens during a newborn photography session.

The Heat is Turned Up

It sounds bizarre, but I prefer to set the temperature much higher during a newborn session than what you’d normally have it. This helps baby feel warm, comfortable, and — most importantly, sleepy.

We’ll Take Care of All the Poses

You don’t have to come up with poses or image ideas. I’ve got all that covered and know exactly how to set up an image to get great shots. I will also take care of all the prop setup and wrapping.

Mom & Dad Help Spot Baby

Though I do most of the work, we definitely need parents’ help during our shoots to help position baby and work with us to help create images.

Safety is Always Our First Priority

No matter what, I place your child’s safety above all else. If we need to take a break, we will. If a pose isn’t working, there’s always another one to try.

I Have Tricks for Helping Baby Calm Down

I have done quite a few newborn sessions in my day, and I have a few tricks up my sleeve to help calm fussy babies. However, in the case of a baby who is very upset, I am more than happy to reschedule.

Sibling Photos Are Done First or Last

I know that having your children at the photo session for the entire session may be a bit much for them. For that reason, I suggest having sibling poses done either at the beginning or the end of the session, that way they don’t have to say throughout 2 hour or more session time.

Composite Imagery is Done In Post Processing

I will often melt a couple different images into one in order to create the perfect shot. This technique is used by experienced photographers and ensures your newborn images are beautiful.


If you are interested in booking a session with me please contact me HERE.

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Sweet Peaches and Cream Jacksonville, NC Newborn Photographer

This adorable duo was so much fun. Her big sister so happily wanted to participate in her newborn session that I could probably shoot her all day, she is that sweet and cute and was very cooperative. She probably wouldn’t mind. LOL I adored these two!

For more information on booking a newborn session with me please contact me HERE

Preparing For Your Session

Getting The Most From Your Session

A bit of planning and preparation will help you get the most from your newborn portrait session. Here are a few tips that will help make your session a success.

A Full, Sleepy Baby For Squishy Poses

Those adorable newborn poses you love are easiest when your baby is full and sleepy. Keeping your baby active and awake with a bit of extended play time on the morning leading up to your session, plus a feeding 2-3 hours before your session start time, helps gently lull your baby into a nice deep sleep. During the session, I also keep the studio very warm to make baby comfortable and sleepy.

Dress Your Baby Loosely

Loose diapers, a loose fitting wrap, or a loose, easily removed sleeper are ideal clothing choices. Loose-fitting clothing should eliminate red marks on baby’s skin, and is less distracting for baby when pulled off for your session.

Jacksonville, NC newborn photographer Jacksonville, NC newborn photographer Jacksonville, NC newborn photographer

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Sweet Fransisco | Jacksonville North Carolina Newborn Photographer

I just love when they smile. It’s always a winning shot lol And he was so content in all his poses we did during his first session with me. Meet Fransisco, I love all his dark hair and the colors that his Momma chose.

I like to see newborns within the first two weeks and recommend scheduling before you deliver with a tentative date based on your due date. Scheduling with me in your last trimester is recommended. If you have already delivered please contact me for available dates.

For more information on scheduling a newborn session in the Jacksonville, North Carolina area please contact me HERE.

Package information and details on my sessions can be found HERE


Come follow me on Instagram (@inspirationsphotography) for behind the scenes and more recent work—–>INSTAGRAM LINK

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