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Equestrian Maternity Session | Wilmington Maternity Photographer

If I had to create a bucket list for maternity session themes and locations….this would be on it and achieved! I had so much fun documenting this beautiful Mommas twin belly! Yes, she is having twin boys. Such a treat! I love the gowns she chose for her session.

My Gown Closet:

Save some worry and come see what I have inside. I understand it can be hard to shop for yourself right now. You want something to make you feel comfortable and beautiful. But when you book your session with me, I can assure you, I have some options for you to consider. I keep my gown selection to the style you see in my work…warm, neutral and timeless. Keeping the focus on you. With a new body to become accustomed to, it might feel nerve-racking. The outfits I have are flattering to a variety of shapes.

This is entirely complimentary to you! Trust me. I get it. Tight bank, tight schedule. Before your session, we will consult. I will send you images of my gowns and will bring a variety with me. This way, it saves you from the hassle of losing any session time. Typically, we do this a week or two before your photo shoot so I can steam, press, and have your outfit set to go!

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Growing Family | Wilmington Maternity Photographer

This beautiful family headed to Wrightsville for the weekend and to capture this beautiful growing belly on this stunning Momma! The sunset was amazing, the temps were perfect and the light breeze was helpful to add a little mood to the evening.

If you are considering a maternity session for you and your family, here are some tips that can help prepare you for a special day. And if you are wanting more information on booking a session with me be sure to click HERE for details


Maternity Session Tips:

If you’re new to the portrait session game, chances are you may feel a little bit nervous about what to expect. That’s completely natural, so don’t think you’re strange for feeling that way. In fact, I hear from my clients all the time that they’re apprehensive to get their pictures taken for all sorts of reasons, ranging from being “un photogenic” to feeling awkward in front of the camera and beyond. To help you feel a bit more at ease leading up to the day of your session — and during the actual shoot — we’ve given you some pro tips below. 

Chat With Me Before The Session

Sometimes simply talking through the process with your photographer can help you feel much more at ease. For starters, we’ll walk you through each step of the session-day process so that you know what to expect. Second, getting to know the person who’s going to be photographing you can help you feel much more relaxed and yourself on the day of.

Be Authentic to Yourself

Have you ever packed for a vacation and decided you were going to bring four different novels and a couple workout outfits even though you rarely read or workout? That same sort of mentality can occur when you’re prepping for a photo session as you try to reinvent who you are. Instead, relax and show up on session day as your authentic self. Have a look through my client closet and see what options are available to you during your session — this is all about capturing the essence of pregnancy!

Go Ahead and Glam it Up

It’s a fine line between not being true to who you are and wanting to look amazing the day of your shoot. The key to feeling amazing and comfortable on your session day is to elevate the traits you really like about yourself. If you love flowing dresses, find one that you feel incredible in. If your hair is your favorite feature, go ahead and get a blowout or spend the few hours beforehand focusing on your hairdo. Do these things only if you feel like it will make you feel your best and not because you feel like you “should.” My sessions are meant to be relaxed and natural and I capture a variety of posed and unposed images.

Know That I am Here For YOU!

One of the reasons why people experience post-photo stress is that they might not have had the best images taken. Because of the lens, selfies create a distorted image of your face. Also, lighting and angles seriously matter. An image that you take with your cell phone in bright sunlight is not going to look the same on my camera. I shoot in specific lighting situations that go with my style which is why you have chosen me…. I know which poses to put you in.


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What I Use During My Newborn Sessions | Newborn Photography Essentials

I get asked often about what products I use during my newborn photography sessions. I have used a variety of things throughout the years. The items in this list are some of my must haves that I reach for during every session. Sometimes I have fussy babies and they are definitely needed, other times I have very content babies and I never have to reach for them. I keep them all at arms reach so my sessions are rarely interrupted with having to grab something to soothe these precious little ones. Every baby is different. Here is my list, links to purchase are in the title.

The Well Known Baby Shusher

This is a very helpful gadget and if you follow any newborn photographers behind the scenes, I am sure you will hear this little gadget in the background. It is a white noise machine that helps soothe babies. I think most times I am so use to hearing this machine, it definitely gets me focused! lol but for me it is a staple to have not too far for any newborn session.

A Vibration Machine:

Sometimes babies need an extra pat on the back or their bottom and this helps give you an extra hand. Definitely keep this near by for a little extra help.

A Soothing Heartbeat Sound Machine:

This little gadget is a great little noise maker and I turn it on for every session. It’s soothing to babies to hear the heartbeat. Something they heard for 9 months in the womb.


Hampstead, NC newborn photographer

Hospital Grade Pacifiers:

I know some Moms don’t like to use them but during a newborn session where we are moving baby from position to position it is a MUST to have near by just in case babies need a little more soothing techniques to keep them happy and sleepy. This style is the only one I will use in my newborn studio. I keep them on hand just in case Moms forget to bring one and many times don’t have this right style that babies like.

A Warm Heater:

A warm heater is a MUST to keep those babies warm during my table poses where their clothes are off or minimal. Keep a baby warm with a full tummy is very important before a session can begin. Once the table poses are done and we swaddle babies nice and snug, is when I will turn my warmer off.

Leland North Carolina newborn photographer

I hope this list helps you if you are either a parent or a photographer just starting out and needing a little peace of mind of where to start. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions. And if you have a product that you cannot live without, shoot me an email and I can check it out. 🙂

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Sweet Peaches and Cream Baby Girl | Leland Newborn Photographer

Meet Camila. So many happy smiles from her. I had so much fun capturing this little girl at almost two weeks of age. I love this time. It goes by so quickly. For more information on booking a session with me please be sure to reach out HERE with any questions.


Keep baby awake for a minimum of 90 minutes or more prior to your session start time.

Nursing? Avoid spicy foods for 24 hours or more before your session.

Schedule shots or immunizations the week (or at least 48 hours) prior to your session date.

If you use a pacifier, bring it with you but don’t use it prior to the session.

Turn off your phone so you won’t be distracted during the session.

Your hands may be visible. Time for that manicure!


Sessions can last up to 3 hours, so a “Newborn Session Kit” is a great idea.

Here are some things to include:

  • Your Special Blankets
  • Wraps
  • No need to bring props..I have those 😉
  • Snacks and Drinks
  • Extra Milk or Formula
  • Extra Diapers (but if you forget…I got you covered)
  • Baby Wipes
  • Pacifier

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Baby Boy Makes Three | Leland Newborn Photographer

Ten Little Fingers. Ten Little Toes

I love babies! 🙂

Wiggling, stretching, sweet little newborns — nothing is more precious.

I love to create artistic images that reflect the deep emotional bond you and your baby share,

along with every adorable detail. 

My goals are simple. When you see your images, I want you to instantly remember these intimate, fleeting moments and to relive the indescribable joy you feel right now. These images are meant to be heirlooms.

Investments in future memories that will warm hearts for generations.

Let’s create your future memories now — together.

And this little one was the sweetest little guy! I cant wait to watch him grow. It’s amazing how fast the first year goes. You will never regret capturing these moments and investing in your family most important moments.

For more information about booking a newborn session with me be sure to contact me HERE with any questions.

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Why You Should Print Your Photos | Wilmington, NC Newborn Photographer

I have been meaning to write this post for quiet some time now. Many have listened to me talk about it. It truly means so much to me, so I am taking the time while I have it today to get it out.

With the new technology we have at our finger tips, I believe we have forgotten how important it is to print our images. Whether it be a quick snap shot from our phone or an investment placed with a professional photographer. I truly believe it is important to hold that memory between our finger tips. I speak to my clients daily about the value of a print. What will you have to show your kids when they’re your age, now?

Think about it…

How much trust have you placed in technology? Starring at a computer screen vs. an actual print in your hand that can be passed down from generation to generation. Which do you trust? Yes, I do believe having digitals is important as a back up so you can make copies and add to your walls. But, do you?

I have a box in my garage of images of when my children were babies. Not just from a professional photographer but from my point and shoot of the days, the disposable cameras we all once held in our hands before the “phone” took over. The days where I held the film camera in my hand which also started my journey as a professional and still sits in my closet. It is the same camera that I find in old photos of my parents with me as a baby. My point in telling you this is that this generation and generations to come don’t have the advantage of pulling out an old box out from the garage or using the old camera their parents once used. I can always go to that box in my garage or stare at the images on my walls but I do quickly forget about the images that were lost on a hard drive or are even sitting on my computer now.

So I hope this post inspires you, alerts you and encourages you to print your images. Print your memories. We take pictures not because we don’t want to forget but because they were important enough to snap it, capture it and document it. Dont always put your trust in a computer that can fail tomorrow but in the print that you can hold in your hand and share with your children as they grow and become parents themselves.


And of course I can’t post this without sharing an adorable newborn baby with you. 🙂

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