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A Little Rainbow Baby Brother | Leland, NC Newborn Photographer

I just love how these siblings loved on their new baby brother. At al most 2 weeks old, little Grayson did so well during his newborn session with me. Well, he didn’t like being a model so much but he some cute poses for me 😉


My name is Kristy and I’d love to be your newborn photographer. I know there are lots of us out there — people who photograph sweet little cherubs and baby bumps — and so many do a great job. 

As a mother myself, though, and as someone who’s so passionate about photography that I’ve dedicated my life to perfecting the art, I can’t help but want to capture more tiny toes, button noses and sweet smiles. 

More about me being a mom: I’ve got three children of my own. Joshua, who’s 28 years old now (the time sure does fly) Aaron, 26 and Katelyn, 23 and expecting our first grand baby this May, 2023. All have grown up and left the nest, which is not easy so photographing tiny babies is a good distraction. Of course, when the grand baby arrives, will definitely keep me occupied. 🙂 I have been photographing newborns for over 15 years and I cant see myself doing anything else! It is so rewarding and I love hearing your journey into motherhood.

Whether you’re a brand new mommy, someone who’s been in the game for a few years 😉 (like me) or you have yet to give birth to your precious bun, one fact remains true: photographs of your children are so important. Not just because they grow and change so fast, but because they last forever and because your loved ones want to stay in the know!

I love to capture it! Maternity photos, newborn photos and family. All those moments and details? They’re absolutely worth preserving. I’ll fill you in on the details of what I offer in the pages to come. Right now, though, I want to tell you a little bit more about myself. 

In addition to being a mother to three grown babies, I’ve also got a wonderful husband who’s been with me for over 28 years. I couldn’t do all this without him, that’s for sure. Together we run two businesses and enjoy time with our children as much as possible. Our favorite family activities include time at the beach, road trips and lazy Sundays at home. 

Enough gabbing about me, though. Should you have any more questions or simply want to talk, I’m always here. 

Looking forward to meeting you, 


For more information about booking a newborn or maternity session with me be sure to check out my what to expect page HERE

So here is more from Graysons sessions.

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Spring Baby Momma to be | Jacksonville North Carolina Maternity Photography

Part 1…because this beautiful soul is my sweet daughter and I can’t believe how beautiful she looks pregnant. We will be adding to her gallery of images soon so be on the look out. She’s got that Momma glow and I cannot wait for the end of May to come! If you have been following me for some time you may have had her assist me with your newborn. Well…time goes by too quickly and here she is about to become a Momma herself.

Maternity Session Intro:

If you’re like a lot of the soon-to-be-mothers I meet, you may be a little camera shy right now. Especially when you’re seven to nine months pregnant. And who can blame you! After all, your body has changed over the last several months, your baby is sitting low and you probably feel uncomfortable even walking from the kitchen to the living room sofa. Believe me, I can absolutely relate. 

Let me tell you something, though. You are gorgeous. You are stunning. In this moment, you are the absolute epitome of natural beauty. And every single picture we take together will showcase the inherent grace and elegance that accompanies all women with child. 

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: there is an unparalleled luminescence that radiates from a pregnant woman. A glow so unique to pregnancy that it’s impossible to replicate under any other circumstance. These thoughtful, artistic maternity photos of you will be treasured by you, your significant other, your friends and family and, yes, your unborn child, forever. 

In your maternity shoot, we’ll take a variety of photographs of you in different poses. As long as you’re comfortable, we’ll get photographs of you laying down, sitting, standing and leaning. Some will hone in on that adorable baby bump, some may be silhouettes of your frame and others will capture the bond between you and your significant other. 


Jacksonville North Carolina maternity photography

maternity photography Jacksonville North Carolina

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Beautiful Beach Maternity | Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina Photographer

Just love the calm waves with a beautiful sunset for this beautiful Momma! Such a sweet family with their little guy. He will soon have a little brother to love on. Cant wait to meet him this May!

Maternity FAQ

When should I schedule maternity photos? 

As a general rule of thumb, I like to schedule your maternity session shortly after you’ve told friends and family the exciting news! This will give us plenty of time to find a great day that works well for both of us. Maternity photos are typically taken when you’re showing — generally around 28-34 weeks into your pregnancy.

How many outfits should I bring to my maternity session?

One to two outfits for your maternity session is a good number to bring if you are choosing items from home. I do have a client closet where can choose from a variety of styles. I like to always have at least two for variety’s sake, but whether you want to wear more than that is up to you. I always recommend bringing a backup outfit or two just in case you’re not “feeling” the outfit you’d planned to wear.

What should I consider when planning maternity outfits? 

My biggest piece of advice is to wear something you feel both comfortable and beautiful in. My second piece of advice is for you to choose an outfit form-fitting enough to showcase your baby bump. Lastly, wear a supportive, well-fitting bra. Between us ladies, I know that breasts change a lot during pregnancy, so pick up a new bra that fits immaculately before our session to avoid discomfort and any lumps or bumps! 

Where do we take the photographs? 

Where we take photographs depends on the type of session we’re shooting. For maternity, I like to do on-location, outdoor photographs that let us maximize our access to natural light. This can be in a beautiful pasture, at the beach, or in the woods. 

Can my partner or child be in the photographs, too? 

Of course! I love incorporating mom, dad and your other children into our session photos. While in most cases you and dad will be the stars of the day, I believe it’s so important to have several photographs with the entire family. 

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A Brother to Love | Wilmington Newborn Baby Photographer

Loved working with this sweet family. So much love and happiness filled our studio. Just look at those smiles, especially on this little guys big brother. It brings me so much joy! Thank you so much for trusting me with your most important memories

Choosing Your Photographer

Professional Photography. Adorable Results.

Casual photos and smartphone snapshots are fine for quick, spontaneous images. But there is simply no substitute for professional, fine art photographs of this extraordinary time in your life.

Real Life. Real Moments. Loved For A Lifetime.

More than just snapshots, professional photography is the art of creatively portraying the intimacy shared by you and your baby, along with all the adorable details. Skill, experience, and artistry create images that become beautiful art for your home and nursery — and your most treasured memories of these amazing moments.

Dedication To Perfection.

I put my experience and skill as both photographer and artist to work for you to create stunning, beautifully composed and artistically edited images. I have dedicated years to perfecting my craft, and hundreds of hours photographing newborns. I’m excited to put that experience to work for you to create timeless images you will be thrilled to surround yourself with, and proud to share with family and friends.


Find your inspiration in my portfolio at

Wilmington NC baby photographer

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Little Boy Blue | Hampstead Newborn Photographer

Isn’t he adorable! Little man here did so good during his newborn session with me. I love his details photos in black and white. They are so important to include in your session. Those little details of remembering how tiny they were and how they fit in your hands. Their little fingers wrapping around your one

What To Expect During Your Newborn Session With Me?

Before Your Session

Each of my newborn sessions is started with having you fill out a questionnaire, having you choose the colors you would like me to use and if you’re wanting to add parent poses as well.  A pre-session reminder is set making sure all the details are set so Moms don’t have to worry about things left behind due to lack of sleep. For example, how to try and keep baby awake, and when to feed, I even remind you to check nail polish for those detail shots I love to get.

During Your Session

My sessions have a relaxed, unhurried pace to keep baby calm, happy, and safe. Your baby sets the pace with plenty of time for quieting, soothing, diaper changes, feeding, and cuddling. I like to shoot siblings and parent poses first so that we can concentrate on baby images for the rest of the shoot. The studio will be very warm to keep baby comfortable, so dressing in layers is a good idea.

After Your Session

One week after your session, it’s time for your big reveal! We’ll schedule a personal ordering session where we can review the beautiful images from your session and choose images for prints, albums, birth announcements, and all the other wonderful photo products available for decorating and sharing.


Newborn Sessions are typically 2 hours, so plan to make a morning of it.

Hampstead newborn photography Newborn photography in Hampstead, NC Newborn baby photographer Hampstead

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Lots of Love to go Around | Wilmington Newborn Photography

Lots of brothers and a sister for this sweet baby girl. They had no objection cuddling her during her newborn session with me. I loved how much love they showed her. They were proud to be there for her and excited for her arrival

Studio Session. Dream Baby.

Your happy, sleepy baby is the star of this session. While your baby dreams, I create perfectly composed, cuddly works of art in my Wilmington newborn baby studio. The creative options are nearly endless with a wide range of props — sumptuous blankets, knitted throws, adorable little caps and headbands, and one cuddly, slumbering baby. Mom, Dad, siblings, and even pets can also be accommodated.


It’s best to schedule your session within 2-3 months of your due date. Once your new baby arrives, we’ll firm up your session date. Newborn sessions are recommended to take place within the first 14 days of arrival.

Newborn baby photography Wilmington Newborn baby photography Wilmington Newborn baby photography Wilmington Newborn baby photography Wilmington

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