inspirations-newborn-photography-murrietaI am pleased to announce that the new Inspirations Photography website has been honored in the 2016 AVA Digital Awards competition as a Platinum winner, with an award in the category of Home Page Design! A Platinum award is the highest level of distinction given in the competition, and the Inspirations Photography website was one of only three websites awarded Platinum honors in the Home Page Design category!

According to the AVA Awards’ website: “AVA Digital Awards is an international competition that recognizes excellence by creative professionals responsible for the planning, concept, direction, design and production of digital communication.” Other winners in the AVA Digital Awards include huge companies like Microsoft, Nissan, and MapQuest, as well as some notable schools like the University of Oklahoma and Rice University, so Inspirations Photography is in some excellent company!

The website was recently relaunched by my new web partners at Modmacro. It was based on the initial branding and site design work done by Refinery Original. I think it looks great, and I’m glad that the professionals at the AVA Awards agree!

The Inspirations Photography website is one of the main ways I communicate with clients and potential clients in Murrieta about my current specials for newborn photography, family photography, and maternity photography, and it’s also where I can show off some of the work I’ve done for my Murrieta photography clients. So while I’m very excited about winning such a prestigious award, I’m more excited to have a website that showcases my passion for newborn, baby, family, and maternity photography.

Keep visiting the (award-winning!) Inspirations Photography website for updates and the latest shots coming out of my Murrieta photography studio. Contact me if you’re ready to book a photography session, or if you have any questions. I look forward to talking with you about how we can best capture images of your precious loved ones.