If a newborn photographer was asked if they had a bucket list…this would be it. I love photographing multiples! Although I have done triplets before, they have never been this little and so sleepy! Oh my goodness! These sweet baby girls were perfection. They did so good and they came to me with the sweetest story. Mom told me that twins run in her family but wasn’t aware that she would pass that up with having three baby girls. AND…nope… no IVF for her! Here is her story in her words:

“Before taking a pregnancy test, I just knew I was pregnant. The morning sickness and food aversions began really early at approximately 5 weeks. On the 8th week, my pregnancy symptoms progressively got worse, along with major headaches, heavy congestion, nausea, dizzy spells and feeling weak to the point where I was bedridden. After a day and a half of not leaving the room, my partner and I decided to go to the ER to check on my baby since I had still not seen a doctor for the initial visit. Hindsight, I should have known my body was just being attacked by triple the hormones since my two daughters and partner never got sick. Upon arriving to the ER, I had just turned 9 weeks when we found out we were expecting three babies. The attached link shows a video of our announcement to his family and includes the story. We hope it gives you a good laugh!”

Here is a sweet video when they announced them to the family:


The girls were born with a scheduled c-section at 33+0 weeks on 01/11/2022.
Enid (fraternal triplet) weighed 3lbs 14oz, Emma (identical twin) weighed 3lbs 7oz, and Ellis (identical twin) weighed 3lbs 9 oz

Here is the sonogram given to us at the ER letting us know we weren’t having just one baby, nor two… but three babies! 🙂

Here are her scans:


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And here they are in our studio. Meet Enid, Emma and Ellis.

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