I get asked often about what products I use during my newborn photography sessions. I have used a variety of things throughout the years. The items in this list are some of my must haves that I reach for during every session. Sometimes I have fussy babies and they are definitely needed, other times I have very content babies and I never have to reach for them. I keep them all at arms reach so my sessions are rarely interrupted with having to grab something to soothe these precious little ones. Every baby is different. Here is my list, links to purchase are in the title.

The Well Known Baby Shusher

This is a very helpful gadget and if you follow any newborn photographers behind the scenes, I am sure you will hear this little gadget in the background. It is a white noise machine that helps soothe babies. I think most times I am so use to hearing this machine, it definitely gets me focused! lol but for me it is a staple to have not too far for any newborn session.

A Vibration Machine:

Sometimes babies need an extra pat on the back or their bottom and this helps give you an extra hand. Definitely keep this near by for a little extra help.

A Soothing Heartbeat Sound Machine:

This little gadget is a great little noise maker and I turn it on for every session. It’s soothing to babies to hear the heartbeat. Something they heard for 9 months in the womb.


Hampstead, NC newborn photographer

Hospital Grade Pacifiers:

I know some Moms don’t like to use them but during a newborn session where we are moving baby from position to position it is a MUST to have near by just in case babies need a little more soothing techniques to keep them happy and sleepy. This style is the only one I will use in my newborn studio. I keep them on hand just in case Moms forget to bring one and many times don’t have this right style that babies like.

A Warm Heater:

A warm heater is a MUST to keep those babies warm during my table poses where their clothes are off or minimal. Keep a baby warm with a full tummy is very important before a session can begin. Once the table poses are done and we swaddle babies nice and snug, is when I will turn my warmer off.

Leland North Carolina newborn photographer

I hope this list helps you if you are either a parent or a photographer just starting out and needing a little peace of mind of where to start. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions. And if you have a product that you cannot live without, shoot me an email and I can check it out. 🙂

newborn studio space