Putty in my hands. I love how well she slept and I love all her poses and the detail shots are always my favorite. Little Miss here came in for her newborn session with me very sleepy and didn’t mind all the posing.

What actually happens during a newborn session?

Whether you’re thinking about booking a newborn session or already have a date on the books, I’m sure you’re a bit curious about what, exactly, goes on during a newborn session. How do you get those peaceful looking images? How involved are the parents for the shoot itself? Is it actually possible to “pose” an infant? Below I am pulling back the curtain about what actually happens during a newborn photography session.

The Heat is Turned Up

It sounds bizarre, but I prefer to set the temperature much higher during a newborn session than what you’d normally have it. This helps baby feel warm, comfortable, and — most importantly, sleepy.

We’ll Take Care of All the Poses

You don’t have to come up with poses or image ideas. I’ve got all that covered and know exactly how to set up an image to get great shots. I will also take care of all the prop setup and wrapping.

Mom & Dad Help Spot Baby

Though I do most of the work, we definitely need parents’ help during our shoots to help position baby and work with us to help create images.

Safety is Always Our First Priority

No matter what, I place your child’s safety above all else. If we need to take a break, we will. If a pose isn’t working, there’s always another one to try.

I Have Tricks for Helping Baby Calm Down

I have done quite a few newborn sessions in my day, and I have a few tricks up my sleeve to help calm fussy babies. However, in the case of a baby who is very upset, I am more than happy to reschedule.

Sibling Photos Are Done First or Last

I know that having your children at the photo session for the entire session may be a bit much for them. For that reason, I suggest having sibling poses done either at the beginning or the end of the session, that way they don’t have to say throughout 2 hour or more session time.

Composite Imagery is Done In Post Processing

I will often melt a couple different images into one in order to create the perfect shot. This technique is used by experienced photographers and ensures your newborn images are beautiful.


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