I wanted to take a moment to offer some faqs about our newborn photography sessions here in our Murrieta portrait studio. Many people don’t know all that is involved; when should you book or if you think you can’t book, reasons I will mention in this blog post.

First up, lets discuss booking your newborn session. Many of my clients contact me before they deliver and some contact me for the first time after babies arrival. I highly recommend booking before baby is here for these reason;

  1. It helps us prepare. I send out a few items before your session. This helps you get to know me and all that I do. I send out my welcome packet, model release, contract and newborn questionnaire, I want to make sure you are not stressing out with all that needs to be done. Moms have  enough on their plates once baby has arrived. So, once these items are complete it helps all of us know we are ready for babies first photo shoot.
  2. The questionnaire, this helps you decide what you may want to use during babies first portrait session with me. Choosing your colors and possible props will help me customize your sets.

So, your asking…what if I didn’t think about photos in time or baby came a little quicker than we anticipated or baby had to stay in the NICU after his or her arrival….

Life does happen and we do our best to accommodate. If baby has to be a bit older for his session, please don’t think I will turn you away. We will always have options for baby no matter what the age. That is why I love my cozy studio and all the items I provide for you. Our studio is available for all our little ones and all his family members. Most images you see in my newborn gallery are photographed within 1-2 weeks of age.

I have heard Mommas share with me that they didn’t have their first born photographed because he/she had jaundice, baby acne or baby was only 5 lbs at birth. IF you have a clearance from your Dr. to take baby home from the hospital and there is nothing they are saying to stop you from heading to me please know they are safe in experienced and professional hands 🙂

Second, lets talk about what I do to prepare and what I have available to you.

  1. Props! Yes, I love my organic props. I love the vendors I use to help me create amazing images of your little ones. Handmade headbands, knitted rompers, knitted bonnets, handmade nests, Momma gowns for maternity sessions and images with baby, vintage crates and baskets are just to name a few. We have a huge variety of colors to choose from!
  2. Availability. All these items are available as I put sets together for your 2 hour session. Usually I am putting together 6-8 different and unique sets before your arrival. From start to finish, my newborn sessions take roughly 3 1/2 hours to finish, this does not include the editing time which can be an additional 3 hours.
  3. Editing. All the images in your gallery, which can be from 25 to 45 images, are hand edited and shown to you completed. So there is no guessing and wondering what your images will look like once they arrive to you. Many babies come to me with jaundice, bright red skin, peeling skin and baby acne. All of this is removed when you view your images 1-2 weeks after your session date.
  4. A cozy studio space. My studio has a comfy couch for Moms and Dads to rest on. A fridge with drinks and snacks. My studio is not in my home, you will not hear my cute little doggies bark or have unexpected packages arrive at my door with a bell ringing. I take my space seriously and I have all that we need right here… it is my home away from home!

Last, lets talk about booking your newborn session with me 😉

I would love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have. You can contact me by email or by calling my studio at 951-623-9560. And of course we can’t have a blog post without sharing some sweet newborn goodness…here is one of my recent sessions with little Logan….who is ONE month here… 😉