Is there anything better than two snuggly newborn babies cuddled up together? I loved photograph these brand new little ones together at my studio in Murrieta, CA!

These twins were an absolute dream to photograph. They are identical but one has a birth mark right near her temple which made telling them apart a little bit easier! They were incredibly sleepy during their session which made photographing them an absolute joy. Their names, Memphis and Tuesday are also so unique and original and made everything that much more special.

Sometimes twins can be a real challenge to photograph because they can take turns sleeping and this causes the session to go that much longer. But Memphis and Tuesday were perfect. They slept together for the majority of the session which made for some beautiful snuggly images of the two of them together. Lots of patience is required for any newborn session but even more so with twins. But I think you’ll see from the below sampling of images that these two were so great and we had a very successful session!

If you are interested in booking a newborn session or a twins newborn session please contact the studio for details at 951-623-9560. I look forward to hearing from you!